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Toilet Roll Messages

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The staff have had fun making this silly video for you - we hope it makes you smile!

Some of the wonderful opportunities
we share at St James'

Children perform 'Sing' at our Thank You Afternoon

St. James' Learning from Home Videos

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A poem called "Sadness"

St James' Learning from Home Gallery

IC (Lynx) learning about nature
IC (Lynx) learning about rockets and space
IC (Lynx) picking some lovely strawberries
TC (Puma) proudly wearing her Joe Wicks t-shirt
TC (Puma) working hard
TC (Puma) with her home-grown strawberry 🍓
TC (Puma) has won a colouring competition!
TC (Puma) cuddles her hamster 'Rainbow'
TC (Puma) making some delicious cakes
EMS (Lynx) with her excellent puppet
EMS (Lynx) with her weaving artwork
IC (Lynx) with her Rob Biddulph inspired seal
IC (Lynx) shadow puppet theatre
HS (Lynx) enjoying the sunshine on a paddleboard
FG (Ocelot) is been busy planting a raspberry bush
FG (Ocelot) with a great way of learning fractions
FG (Ocelot) concentrating on writing his story
EF (Snow Leopard) with her butterfly nature art
EF (Puma) with his nature art
CR (Snow Leopard) enjoying a tea party in the sun
CR (Snow Leopard) with an amazing bug hotel
JA (Lynx) lolly stick learning
TC (Puma) reading the Faraway Tree
TC (Puma) created a poster for Dorset Foster Care
TC (Puma) has been learning the organ
DH (Lynx) displays her brilliant paper weaving
BM (Puma) working hard on his schoolwork
BM (Puma) with a very neat workbook
IC (Lynx) draws a flower using ideas from outside
IC (Lynx) enjoys a ride and learns to map read
GR (Ocelot) begins to build her bird feeder
An excellent result!
The birds will soon be using this brilliant feeder
AR (Ocelot) playing the odd and evens monsters ga
ED (Ocelot) setting up his science experiment
WD (Puma) with his excellent drawing
TC (Puma) celebrates VE Day
TC (Puma) working on Scratch
TC (Puma) has also been busy planting
SW (Snow Leopard) with another excellent bug hotel
The insects will enjoy living here 🐛🐌🦟
RM (Ocelot) enjoying counting odds and evens
RM (Ocelot) learning to ride without stabilizers
AC (Ocelot) celebrating her birthday with tea
AC (Ocelot) working on her maths doubling/pairs
AC (Ocelot) with her fairy fuschia plant
IC (Lynx) celebrating VE Day
IC (Lynx) who has made huge hotel for bugs 🐞
IU (Lynx) with her brilliant creation
EMS Lynx gets help from her chicken with her hotel
FG (Ocelot) works hard on the capacity challenge
FG (Ocelot) learning with a fun maths book
FG (Ocelot) doing a counting challenge with bricks
MM (Ocelot) makes her bug hotel
Almost complete ...
The finished hotel - well done 😀
GR (Ocelot) is taking care building her hotel
Another brilliant bug hotel completed
GR (Ocelot) learning ways to count
PW (Lynx) with her fantastic bug hotel
The finished hotel-the bugs will enjoy living here
CS (Ocelot) has built an amazing bug hotel
SG (Ocelot) with his nature inspired artwork
SG (Ocelot) made (with some help!) a fountain
DH (Lynx) with her Andy Goldsworthy princess
TC (Puma) shows her VE day window
IC (Ocelot) with her Andy Goldsworthy artwork
The finished design
PW (Lynx) & JW (Puma) with their VE day window
HI (Lynx) took part in a cycling challenge
He met some animals along the way ..
He has ridden an amazing 26 miles over 5 days!!
JP (Lynx) using his socks to count in 2s
EP (Puma) helps her brother with phonics
IC (Lynx) with her land art
IC (Lynx) making some sock puppets
They were scary when they were finished!!
AC (Ocelot) writing Jack & the Beanstalk learning
MB (Puma) with her Anglo Saxon village
MB (Puma) finished village 'Horton in Wessex'
JB (Ocelot) with his Andy Goldsworthy inspired art
CR (Snow Leopard) concentrating on her artwork
ER (Puma) and CR (Snow Leopard) working at home
Not such good weather for a walk!
CS (Ocelot) Andy Goldsworthy artwork
JP (Lynx) with his Andy Goldsworthy design
EP's (Puma) beautiful creation
Proudly displaying their works of art
ER (Snow Leopard) with her cross-stitch tapestry
TC (Puma) with some colourful artwork
Pleased to see TC wearing her St James' t shirt 🙂
BM (Puma) with his excellent Anglo-Saxon village
TB (Snow Leopard) with some brilliant science work
MM (Ocelot) with some beautiful natural art
JA (Lynx) counting coffee pods for maths
TB (Snow Leopard) enjoying a bike ride
TB (Snow Leopard) dropping off his NHS artwork
LB (Snow Leopard) with some brilliant NHS posters
LB (Snow Leopard) thanking the NHS
EMS (Lynx) enjoying her home learning
EMS (Lynx) with her finished design
LJ (Puma) with her rainbow tribute to the NHS
LJ (Puma) surrounded by her colourful rainbow
RS (Puma) enjoyed making his anglo-saxon village
FHD (Snow Leopard) has some exciting new arrivals
We can't wait to see the chicks hatch
IC (Lynx) with a beautiful collage of flowers
IC (Lynx) found some tadpoles
IC (Lynx) learning about rocket launching
St James' has a beautiful rainbow too!
EF (Snow Leopard) Easter Garden
EF (Snow Leopard) Easter Garden
Mrs Clayton busy working with her doggy bodyguards
SM (Snow Leopard) designs a recycled bird feeder
The completed project
Now just waiting for the birds to arrive
EM (Snow Leopard) enjoying a bike ride
TC (Puma) making some pebble art
TC (Puma) having fun baking
TC (Puma) with some of her home learning
IC (Lynx) has been making rainbows for the NHS
FHD (Snow Leopard) all ready to help with his bees
FHD (SL) has also been hatching butterflies
Another beautiful butterfly has hatched for FHD
RS (Puma) making Anglo Saxon jewellery
The finished piece of jewellery - well done!
TC (Puma) with her colourful rainbow
SB (Snow Leopard) with some great designs
SB (Snow Leopard) with some amazing home learning
MM (Ocelot) learns to ride her bike
MM (Ocelot) joins in the Clap for NHS/Carers
RSQ (Lynx) working on her schoolwork
RSQ (Lynx) exploring the woods
RSQ (Lynx) making the most of the sunshine
MM (Ocelot) with an amazing rainbow in her window 🌈
RSQ (Lynx) reading to Fred and Henry
RSQ (Lynx) caring for her pet
SM (Snow Leopard) with an excellent project
SM (Snow Leopard) beautiful artwork
Everyone is getting involved with the NHS clapping
Clapping not just on doorsteps :-)
TC (Puma) with some beautiful Easter cards
ED (Ocelot) with an amazing piece of art
Getting some exercise (along with the chicken)
Helping Dad with some outside jobs
RS (Puma) concentrating on his work
Making the family dinner
RSQ (Lynx) class getting out for some exercise
MB (Puma) with some lovely Easter cards 🐥
MB has started to learn the ukulele with her Dad
In charge of the Vibrations & Sound teacher topic
RSQ (Lynx) beginning a lovely rainbow drawing
RSQ (Lynx)- finished - a brilliant rainbow picture
Making some delicious cakes 🧁
CP (Puma) with a thank you letter from a care home
CP building a 'man cave' in his garden
All the family are helping
The Hen
The Book
Mrs Scott practising her story reading 😀
SW (Snow Leopard) is busy with his schoolwork
Mrs Walker is also hard at work
IU (Lynx) is now stabilizer free - congratulations
MM (Ocelot) with her beautiful Easter cards
RM (Ocelot) keeping up with her PE
An excellent piece of Art
IC (Lynx) with her excellent model
Making the most of the sunshine
A beautiful poem and drawing
SD (Puma) has designed a wonderful card 🐥
EF (Puma) with the inside of his card
Amazing Easter cards 💐
SG (Ocelot) has learnt some extraordinary facts
JM (Ocelot) drawing his 'Rainbow of Hope' 🌈
Enjoying his home learning
RM (Ocelot) enjoying learning about castles
What an amazing castle!
Discovering nature (newts)
 SD (Snow Leopard) doing amazing modelling
SD’s daffodil art
AC (Ocelot) made her castle from lego 🏰
JR (Puma) gets creative
Teaching his sister to bake :-)
TC (Puma) enjoying her art
Next lesson ... Geography
WP (Puma) created an amazing story map

Spring Term

World Book Day - Snow Leopard Class
World Book Day - Ocelot Class
Our Year 4's had a great time at Hooke Court
Making sailing ships for the river
They took part in many experiments
Kite making
Learning about 'forces'
Excellent rocket making
Lets see who's goes the furthest ...
Time to see if they work!
Ocelot class learning about size
Lets see how tall we all are ....
Having lots of fun
All enjoying their PE lesson
Snow Leopard Class learning gymnastics
Ocelot Class Art Lessons
Ocelot Class having fun with paint
Learning about how to make different colours
Experimenting with the brush
Learning painting skills

Autumn Term

Our Ocelot Class Nativity
The Nativity Story unfolds
Performing in the Church
Everyone singing!
Everyone enjoying the story unfolding
Years 4s visit Salisbury Cathedral
Looking at the wonderful font
Learning about how the cathedral worked
Lots of interesting things to discover
Creating a lovely design
Putting the finishing touches to the creation
Christmas Jumper Day
We raised £133.50 for Save the Children
Our recycling initiative has been a great success
The children have had lots of brilliant ideas
We are supporting Books2Africa
and sending some old books from our library
Our excellent Handbells at the Wimborne Lights
We were visited by the DCC Recycling Bin
He explained the benefits of recycling
We learnt new ways of recycling in the future
Fun with paint
Discovering different colours
Ocelot Class discovering dinosaurs
Great recycling from children and parent helpers
Puma Class projects
Puma Class projects
Happy with the finished result
The start of the Wimborne Fun Run
Proud medal winners
Successful runners from our school
Ocelot and Lynx class meet the firemen
They get a good look around the engine
Working with the Priest House Museum
Learning how to build walls
Puma Class finish their kites
Lets go fly a kite ...
Puma class and the finished kites
Snow Leopard 'Castles' project
Snow Leopard 'Castles' project
Learning to play the clarinet is fun!
Snow Leopard 'Spring' Art
Snow Leopard 'Spring' Art
Lynx class make some gingerbread
Making sure the ingredients are mixed well
Rolling out the mixture
The finished product
Puma class working on 'The Good Shepherd'
Working hard on the details
Puma Class - 'The Good Shepherd'
The finished product ..
Rockley Adventure Sailing Day
Enjoying trying out the kayaks
Lots of fun!
Getting to grips with the oars .....
Everyone had a wonderful time
Our 'Royal Family' at the May Fayre
Parading onto the playground
Maypole dancing at the Fayre
Snow Leopard Class
Country dancing at the Fayre
Lynx class perform their dance
Our Royal Party watch the proceedings
Our excellent handbells perform
The Royal party marches on .....
Snow Leopard and Puma classes visit Corfe Castle
All were interested in the history of the Castle
Finding strange spaces ...
Learning about the Castle
Exploring and learning
Lynx and Ocelot classes visit Blashford Lakes
Learning about nature
Learning and Exploring ....
Lynx and Ocelot class visit Blashford Lakes
Lynx class learning about nature
Discovering new things
Ocelot class enjoying their trip
Bringing back discoveries to the classroom
The Saturday Football Club Tournament
Saturday Football Club
Our 'Think Bigger' Day was a great success
Year 4 Golf Festival
Year 4 Golf Festival
Year 4 Golf Festival
Archery Club
Archery Club
Archery Club
Enjoying outdoor learning
The New Forest Wildlife Park
Meeting the animals at the New Forest Wildlife Pk
Year 3 attending a Multi Skills day at SMM
Puma & Snow Leopards visit a solar farm site
lots of parent helpers kindly came too!
Another amazing Open the Book production!
Big Ratu a Fijian Chief taught the children Fijian
Mrs Rounds singing a traditional song.
Mr Rounds teaching the Cib
Harvest Festival collection for the food bank
Cllr Willis enjoying the trim trail !
Spirituality Day - Art activity
Year 3 winning at the Multi Skills Sports Festival
Spirituality Day - Art activity
Bishop Samuel from South Sudan visits St James'
Caring Canines Be Bookwise visitors
Snow Day yippee!
Great fun had by all.
Ocelot class learning new ball skills.
Great way to learn to count
Whole school enthralled in an Open the Book story
Recording "Do they know it's Christmas"
Whole school enjoying a music demonstration
Ocelot & Lynx visit a Synagogue
Our choir entertaining residents of Housing
Christmas carol fundraising at the Old Inn, Holt
Our beautiful stained glass window
Having fun on the tyre park
Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Wonderful day creating African Masks
An amazing day creating something special
We enjoyed sharing our book week celebrations
We enjoyed sharing our book week celebrations
Mrs Booth and children enjoying a story together