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Some of the wonderful opportunities
we share at St James'

Children perform 'Sing' at our Thank You Afternoon

The winning entry in our Believe and Achieve Nursery Rhyme competition.

Still image for this video
Well done girls.
Picture 1 Snow Leopard 'Castles' project
Picture 2 Snow Leopard 'Castles' project
Picture 3 Learning to play the clarinet is fun!
Picture 4 Snow Leopard 'Spring' Art
Picture 5 Snow Leopard 'Spring' Art
Picture 6 Lynx class make some gingerbread
Picture 7 Making sure the ingredients are mixed well
Picture 8 Rolling out the mixture
Picture 9 The finished product
Picture 10 Puma class working on 'The Good Shepherd'
Picture 11 Working on the finished product
Picture 12 Puma Class - 'The Good Shepherd'
Picture 13 Rockley Adventure Sailing Day
Picture 14 Enjoying trying out the kayaks
Picture 15 Lots of fun!
Picture 16 Getting to grips with the oars .....
Picture 17 Everyone had a wonderful time
Picture 18 Our 'Royal Family' at the May Fayre
Picture 19 Parading onto the playground
Picture 20 Maypole dancing at the Fayre
Picture 21 Snow Leopard Class
Picture 22 Country dancing at the Fayre
Picture 23 Lynx class perform their dance
Picture 24 Our Royal Party watch the proceedings
Picture 25 Our excellent handbells perform
Picture 26 The Royal party marches on .....
Picture 27 Snow Leopard and Puma classes visit Corfe Castle
Picture 28 All were interested in the history of the Castle
Picture 29 Finding strange spaces ...
Picture 30 Learning about the Castle
Picture 31 Exploring and learning
Picture 32 Lynx and Ocelot classes visit Blashford Lakes
Picture 33 Learning about nature
Picture 34 Learning and Exploring ....
Picture 35 Lynx and Ocelot class visit Blashford Lakes
Picture 36 Lynx class learning about nature
Picture 37 Discovering new things
Picture 38 Ocelot class enjoying their trip
Picture 39 Bringing back discoveries to the classroom
Picture 40 The Saturday Football Club Tournament
Picture 41 Saturday Football Club
Picture 42 Our 'Think Bigger' Day was a great success
Picture 43 Learning about different jobs and professions
Picture 44 When I grow up, I would love to be a teacher ....
Picture 45 Excellent costumes throughout the school
Picture 46 Lots of inspiring people came to visit
Picture 47 Whole School Singing Workshop
Picture 48 World Book Day
Picture 49 We couldn't find him ........
Picture 50 A wizard class was formed
Picture 51 Year 4 Residential
Picture 52 Year 4 Residential
Picture 53 Learning about food
Picture 54
Picture 55 Learning how to clean and prepare food
Picture 56 Learning lots!
Picture 57 Year 4 Hooke Court
Picture 58 Year 4 Hooke Court
Picture 59 Lynx class learning about Australian animals
Picture 60 Creating Aboriginal Art
Picture 61 The finished product
Picture 62 Year 4 visit Salisbury Cathedral
Picture 63 Inside the Cathedral
Picture 64 The beautiful font
Picture 65 Ocelot class learning to bake
Picture 66 Making our display for Remembrance Day
Picture 67 Puma Class and their finished poppies
Picture 68 A visit from Wimborne Fire Station
Picture 69 Exploring the engine
Picture 70 Wimborne Fire Station visiting the school
Picture 71 Exploring the engine
Picture 72 World Religion Day 2018
Picture 73 Trying new tastes
Picture 74 World Religion Day 2018
Picture 75 World Religion Day 2018
Picture 76 Practicing their moves
Picture 77 Our Football Team visit AFC Bournemouth
Picture 78 Visiting the changing rooms
Picture 79 The team
Picture 80 Thank You Afternoon
Picture 81 Thank You Afternoon
Picture 82 Snow Leopard class play recorders
Picture 83 A talented duo on the violin
Picture 84 Singing and signing!
Picture 85 Thank You Afternoon
Picture 86 Dress Rehearsal
Picture 87 Practicising for our play
Picture 88 Our Dress Rehearsal
Picture 89 Sleeping Beauty - The Ugly Truth
Picture 90 Our Dress Rehearsal
Picture 91
Picture 92 Lynx class
Picture 93 Lynx class Olympic Festival
Picture 94 Lynx class Olympic Festival
Picture 95 Lynx class Olympic Festival
Picture 96 Lynx class Olympic Festival
Picture 97 Puma - Art
Picture 98 Puma - Art
Picture 99 Puma Sports
Picture 100 Puma Sports Festival
Picture 101 Puma Sports Festival
Picture 102 Puma Sports - Bryanston School
Picture 103
Picture 104 Lynx Class Sports Assembly
Picture 1 Year 4 Golf Festival
Picture 2 Year 4 Golf Festival
Picture 3 Year 4 Golf Festival
Picture 4
Picture 5 Archery Club
Picture 6 Archery Club
Picture 7 Archery Club
Picture 8 Enjoying outdoor learning
Picture 9 The New Forest Wildlife Park
Picture 10 Meeting the animals at the New Forest Wildlife Pk
Picture 11 Year 3 attending a Multi Skills day at SMM
Picture 12
Picture 13 Puma & Snow Leopards visit a solar farm site
Picture 14 lots of parent helpers kindly came too!
Picture 15 Another amazing Open the Book production!
Picture 16 Big Ratu a Fijian Chief taught the children Fijian
Picture 17 Mrs Rounds singing a traditional song.
Picture 18 Mr Rounds teaching the Cib
Picture 19 Harvest Festival collection for the food bank
Picture 20 Cllr Willis enjoying the trim trail !
Picture 21 Spirituality Day - Art activity
Picture 22 Year 3 winning at the Multi Skills Sports Festival
Picture 23 Spirituality Day - Art activity
Picture 24
Picture 25 Bishop Samuel from South Sudan visits St James'
Picture 26
Picture 27 Caring Canines Be Bookwise visitors
Picture 28 Snow Day yippee!
Picture 29 Great fun had by all.
Picture 30
Picture 31 Ocelot class learning new ball skills.
Picture 32 Great way to learn to count
Picture 33 Whole school enthralled in an Open the Book story
Picture 34 Recording "Do they know it's Christmas"
Picture 35 Whole school enjoying a music demonstration
Picture 36
Picture 1
Picture 2 Ocelot & Lynx visit a Synagogue
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 Our choir entertaining residents of Housing
Picture 8
Picture 9 Christmas carol fundraising at the Old Inn, Holt
Picture 10 Our beautiful stained glass window
Picture 11 Having fun on the tyre park
Picture 12
Picture 13 Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Picture 14 Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Picture 15 Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Picture 16 Saturday Football Tournament - 27th April
Picture 17 Wonderful day creating African Masks
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21 An amazing day creating something special
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25 We enjoyed sharing our book week celebrations
Picture 26
Picture 27 We enjoyed sharing our book week celebrations
Picture 28 Mrs Booth and children enjoying a story together
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32